Spartans of Hell Clan

Welcome To The Official Site Of The Spartans Of Hell Clan!

   Let me start out by introducing myself. Hi! im [SOH]THEREAPER. I am the main leader of this clan and I welcome you to our site. I started this clan with my friend [SOH]TokyoMan. The first thing you will want to look at is the rules section. The rules section is listed in the Info link to your right. You will want to look at this first because you will not want to break any rules on your first day and give us a bad view of you.   

On this site we have forums, our logo, contact info, member list, pictures of members, forums, our video, requirements to join, rank information, and rules. And alot of other information about us. Feel free to explore all you want and dont forget to contact me! If you want to register to our forums, here is a link: Account Registration 

Here is the link to the ZDaemon website: ZDaemon If you want to join our clan, its just a quick download away. Click on this link and download ZDaemon. Then we have some tests which you need to complete. When you pass all the tests, make a new account and put [SOH] infront of your name. And you are then an official member of the clan!









Our Video

Here is our official clan video:


Our Logo

This is our official logo. Created by [SOH]Jmanjohn



Pictures Of Our Members



 [SOH]TokyoMan (Co-Leader):

[SOH]Mr_Bubbles (Marine General):

 [SOH]KILLFORCE (Space Marine):

[SOH]Jmanjohn (Space Marine):